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We arrived at the church so early, a few hours before the wedding ceremony, so the coordinators advised me just to stay inside the bridal car. It was a good thing that the air conditioner was always on and while waiting, the driver of the bridal car talked with me to ease my boredom, asked about my love life, family and eventually turned our small talk to the extra charge for the bridal car because we might exceed the maximum hours of the rental hehehe. I already knew about it beforehand because I had computed the maximum hours we will consume for the bridal car rental. Anyway, the coordinators liased with the church in charge and checked the ceremony venue set-up, ensured that the ceremony related supplies were delivered, distributed the missalettes, briefed church participants in their duties and seat assignment, distributed flowers and ceremony materials to the entourage, and assisted and cued processional line up. At 4PM the ceremony started. While the huge main door of the church was opened for my grand entrance, all the people's eyes were focused on me. I had mixed emotions... I felt happy, excited and a bit nervous. My schoolmate (in gradeschool) sang while I was walking down the aisle. Her song really touched my heart as well as the guests' and that made it dramatic and added beauty to my wedding. I can't believe the whole time during the ceremony that I'll be married to the man I am dreaming of, who I know will take care of me, will not hurt me emotionally and physically and will love me till the end. The wedding ceremony went smoothly. The choir members had such very nice voices. The lectors and commentators did their jobs well (LECTOR:my cousin Atty. Catherine Canonigo-Gan, COMMENTATORS: my mom, family friends-Mrs. Fullente and Ms. Mylene Orillo), while the offerors are the members of the entourage. The ceremony ended and I'm so happy and blessed to have such a wonderful husband like him. The coordinators assisted the entourage for our grand welcome outside the church. We felt so overwhelmed by the warm welcome with thrown rose petals and confetti poppers. My family, relatives and friends congratulated us.

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  1. my katiebug Says:

    congratulations on your wedding! from the looks of it, i can say that it was beautiful!

  2. siyetehan Says:


    may your tribe increase.


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