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We had a dove release a few minutes before the professional emcee started the program. The coordinators assisted and cued the processional line-up of the entourage participants (except for the principal sponsors). When everybody was ready to start the program, the emcee gave his welcoming remarks to the guests and introduced my parents, principal sponsors one by one followed by the secondary sponsors as they walk down the aisle on the red carpet. Then he gave a brief background of me and my husband. My dad sang a lovely song (which is my idea) while my hubby and I were having the grand entrance with the bubble machine, sword parade, confetti and rose petals. My dad also led the invocation and instead of praying it the usual way, he sang "The Lord's Prayer" (also my idea heheheh). Btw, my dad is a retired engineer and I am so proud of him because he won a lot of amateur singing contests including their company's singing competition (but eventually became the judge because he usually won the contests) and the "Father's Day Singing Contest" in one of the radio stations held a few few years ago where hundreds of contestants joined and only 5 were chosen to compete in the grand finale held at SM mall where the judges were famous mention Lani Misalucha. Whew! he won the grand prize!. Anyway, my relatives and family friends said "wala syang kakupas-kupas" after he sang because they hadn't heard him sing for a long time. The guests can't help but give him a round of applause after his invocation hehehe! Then we had photo ops. The St. Peter Music Ministry sang while the guests per table were queued in to go to us (couple) for the group pictorial. (I was a member of St. Peter Music Ministry before and I remembered the times when we sang on televison mass at NBN Channel 4 and performed in PICC. The guests enjoyed the delicious and tasty foods. We had a buffet and served 7 different viands, salads(fruit salad, macaroni, caezar, hundred island etc), chocolates, crepes and other desserts. The crepes are soo yummy and I really like the taste of it especially the ice cream on top. For our Wedding Banquet and Entertainment, the guests enjoyed watching our childhood to adult pictures (flashback- Audio Visual Presentation) which were presented on the wide screen as well as our pictures together with some relatives and of course the nice video message from my parents-in-law. All ears were focused on the video message because it was so touching and nice. While the guests were watching the AVP, our guestbook attendant (bridesmaid) went around for the guest's to sign and give inspirational messages. The bachelors and bachellorettes enjoyed the games a lot. The first one who touched the tossed bouquet will be out and so on. My cousin April was the one who unintentionally didn't touch the tossing bouquet so she's the one who made it to the hot seat. She was blind-folded so she couldn't see which bachelor she's gonna choose. The emcee asked questions to the bachellors that will make my cousin decide who she will choose and put a garter on her. The qualities of a man that my cousin likes matched one of the bachellors and there were some questions asked to my cousin too (it's somewhat like a dating game). While the game is going on, the maid of honor distributed the souvenirs. Next, we had the toast led by the best man kuya Zernan Canonigo(who accompanied me to the wedding expo and had also a beautiful and successful wedding 2 years ago where I am one of their secondary sponsors. Thank you so much kuya zernan and ate luz!) and the cake cutting. I was so shocked that my hubby gave me a big slice of cake not using a fork but using his own fingers... sooo sweeet hehehe! then I also gave him a big slice. hehe.We had a wine toasting again and the guests joined the toast. We also had our first dance surrounded by bubbles from the bubble machine. I danced with my dad and my hubby danced with my mom. Then my hubby and I danced together sweetly. My little niece and her cousin joined us in the dance floor. My sisters, a friend and my parents gave speeches with sweet messages. My hubby and I gave our messages too and the emcee gave his closing remarks. The finale of the program was an awesome Outdoor Fireworks Display courtesy of Dragon Fireworks with pyrocrew and firing permits (the official fireworks of Mall of Asia and World Pyrolympics). Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!...that's what the guests uttered while watching the fireworks. The fireworks in person are a lot better than in pictures and video. It is really amazing especially before the fireworks display ended with a very huge bomb of light that popped in the sky, the comet salvo fired in professional angled fan formation and the triple shooter golden crown brocade. The fireworks lasted for a few minutes and I'm so happy with the result. The president of the Dragon Fireworks Mr. Hans Ong (whom I talked to during the Wedding Expo held at PICC) kept his promise that he will add a huge awesome pasabog as finale and yes it was unbelievably amazing!!! All the guests complemented the fireworks display. A big thumbs up to Mr. Ong!

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  1. Amazing performance. Have a nice day.

  2. Great wedding! Congratulation.

  3. Jenny0323 Says:

    You have a very nice wedding!

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