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Our Wedding is such a Wedding Rush!!! So stressful because we only had limited time to prepare for it. Even the night before the wedding, I was still busy preparing for our wedding and I was still checking if all my ideas in the programs and everything that I wanted to happen on my wedding day were all relayed to our coordinators, professional emcee and other suppliers. And oh! I forgot to include the Unity Candle Ceremony in our missalette! I just noticed it while my hubby and I were practicing our lines! So I researched on the internet and just inserted some lines in the missalette and texted my cousin about it who was assigned as the lector in our wedding ceremony. I then informed the coordinators to relay it to the priest as soon as they arrive in the church and re-checked all of my wedding stuff to see if there was still anything missing and because of that I went to bed so late (around 1:30am) and woke up at 5:30am. At 7am my family, some members of the entourage, the driver and the make-up artists arrived. We took our breakfast but I didn't eat that much because I dont want to p _ _ _ on my wedding day (you know what i mean hehehe!) My make-up artist started his job at 9:30am while the other make-up artist whom I hired for my mom, sister and some members of the entourage who arrived at the hotel did his job too. We followed the Bride's and Groom's Time Schedule set by our coordinators. After a few hours the wedding coordinators arrived and checked if all the things needed for the wedding were complete. They checked the flowers for the entourage to see if they matched the contract, collected all the items needed for the wedding, re-checked the program that I made for the reception and arranged the last minute details. A few minutes later, our official photographers arrived. There were 2 photographers, 2 videographers, 2 lightsmen and 1 assistant. The make-up artist finished my hair and make-up retouch then we started the pictorial where I wore an orange gown instead of the usual robe. Then our coordinators assisted me in wearing my wedding gown...Oops in this moment the cameramen and the videographers were asked to leave the bedroom until I'm dressed hehehe. When we're done the photographers were asked to come inside the bedroom and continued the pictorial. The coordinators put on my veil, sprayed me with perfume, checked the jewelry that I wore and continued the pictorial with the members of the family. Before we left the room, my family, relatives, drivers, coordinators, photographer and videographers ate their lunch in the hotel that we bought for them for free. I didn't want to eat a heavy lunch but my mom and the coordinators insisted. But I just ate a sandwich. We continued our pictorial at the lobby of the hotel. The foreigners who were at the Shangri-la took a lot of pictures too while I am posing at the stairs (whew!). The coordinators ensured that the bridal car will be ready by its call time and that I will leave the hotel on time. My hubby and I went to the church separately because he has a belief that the groom must not see the bride wearing the wedding gown until she is walking down the aisle. I respected his belief and we followed it.

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