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After the day of the wedding I received a lot of positive and few negative comments about our suppliers. Although the caterer served delicious foods some of our guests said that the caterer didn't refill the the foods in the salad station which they must do while the program is still going on because we've paid for it for more than 150 guests. One of my sisters also noticed that the caterer didn't refill the salad when she was about to get some more so she asked the caterer to fill it (maybe that was the only time the caterer refilled it...grrr). There were also lots of foods left after the wedding and I don't know why my family and relatives got only a few of the foods packed to take home by the caterer. I'm not sure who's to blame and I just forgot about it. I also didn't like the outcome of our cake. My description to the cake supplier is not the same as the outcome so I texted the cake supplier a few days after the wedding and asked what had happened because I gave them additional payments just to make our cake bigger and nicer. I'm disappointed by their answers but still happy with the overall outcome of my wedding.Thank you to my family, relatives and friends who attended the wedding and to all of our suppliers...and of course to my loving, sweet and supportive honey! I love you soooo much!


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  1. PinkNote Says:

    i remembered what had happened to our wedding cake after the celebration at the reception: the guy who carried it to the van accidentally dropped the cake! Inis na inis ako kasi 3 layers yun and iba't ibang flavors. yung hinati lang namin mag-asawa ang natikman ko, at yun lang din ang di natapon... hay...

  2. genial Says:

    i don't wanna get marrieeeeeddd!!! :(
    hey there thnx for comin'... link ex.. ofcourse.. i've added you on my 'link' friend.. u can check that out on the tabber on sidebar :)

    have a gread day to you :)

  3. Neneng M. Says:

    Congratulation and succesfull for you..


  4. Anonymous Says:

    wow.. good blog! good morning for blogger Indonesia

  5. Uke Poet Says:

    Yes, you do use the same template. Only that we use different provider.

  6. tuteh Says:

    congratulation... I love salad :P hehehe

  7. genial Says:

    Hi there again...
    still remember me...?!?!?

    I have something to give to you.. it's a kinda gift or something... award, blogger award... check that out if you had a time Sir..

    thnx and have a gorgeous day to you :)
    I'm so sorry if it's Out of Topic :(

  8. Marites Says:

    wow! impressive wedding! it really is beautiful. yes, sure we can xlinks. just tell me after you're done and i'll add you after.

  9. Nance Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes ... sounds like you had a fabulous wedding nonetheless.
    thanks for the visit, please come again as i do the same.

  10. Rose Jane Says:

    THere is no perfect wedding....


  11. Very romantic words:
    "...and of course to my loving, sweet and supportive honey! I love you soooo much!"

    Congratulation my great friend :)

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