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This zoo is well worth the long drive. There are lots of animals to see and their habitats are pretty spacious and clean. It's so nice to see that almost all the animals look very healthy. The staff here definitely knows how to take good care of their animals. I have been to a lot of zoos but I can say that this is the best so far in my homeland, Philippines. You can hire a tour guide if you want to since the zoo is so huge that you can't finish roaming around the zoo for about 2-3 hours. We got the opportunity to watch the staff member of the zoo training an eagle and a hawk for a wildlifebird show. There are several animals that you can touch guided by the trainor like snakes and birds. There is also a pet store in the zoo so if you want to buy and be inspired by amazing animals come and buy some. By the way, this zoo is located at San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal.

Some bird species include talking myna, ostriches, eagles, hawks, cockatoos, canaries, toucans and more are there.There are also leopards, jaguars, lions, pumas, Bengal tigers and more big cats species. Fish species include arapaimas which are so gigantic, pirranhas and more. Reptiles and amphibians include alligators, crocodile, snakes, anaconda, turtles and more. There are also kangaroos, tapirs, wallaby, tarsier, sunbears,bear cans and more.

Do give this zoo a visit! It's definitely worth your money and trip. For more information call (632) 941-8393 or fax (632) 941-85-30
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  1. puzzle Says:

    Hindi pa ako nakakapunta dito, will try some other time sa aming monthly family trip :D

  2. Hello my friends thanks 4 the visit, sorry i'm late just comeback from vacation, Hope 4 the great weekdays ahead

  3. Thanks for sharing information about this great zoo...

    Keep sharing my friend :)

  4. I visited Manila Zoo when I was a child, Then, lots of small zoos everywhere in the Philippines the previous is Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zambales, Philippines. Have a nice day!

  5. clickmarbin Says:

    ako sa manila zoo lang nakapunta, 10 years ago. heheh

  6. mel Says:

    Zoo is one of the option for me and family to go to when holiday,..nice info here.
    thank's for come around my blog.hope we can keep in touch in the future,

  7. Lata Says:

    what about komodo island?!?!?

  8. Lito Antoque Says:

    i love zoos...sayang ang layo nyan sa gensan...

  9. Nisha Says:

    Wow interesting! the croc looks pretty.. must visit and give him a peck on his cheeks.. hehe.. thanks for the visit to my blog :-)

  10. John Bueno Says:

    Mukhang hindi lang ako ang mahilig sa photography... you are good in shots too ^_^

    Ganda pa ng blog well organized =) Salamat po sa comments ah =)

  11. riablahgs Says:

    This is great! I may take my daughter here when we visit the Philippines :)

  12. clickmarbin Says:

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  13. Joddie Says:

    wow.. nice information.. thank u, may be sometimes I need to go there..

  14. kung gusto niyo naman ng malayuan at adventurous trip, visit niyo PALAWAN CROCODILE FARM. sobrang lalaki ng mga crocodiles dun!

    For sure mag-eenjoy kayo :d

  15. eden Says:

    ang ganda ng zoo. my kids love to visit zoo. wish the next school holiday i can take them to one of the zoos here..

    nice pictures you have in here. thans for sharing.

  16. PinkNote Says:

    How much will it cost per head?=)

  17. Grace Says:

    I like going to animal zoos. Hmm... maybe because I have my relatives in there. :)

  18. Rocky Says:

    Hey the Zoo looks great;I have added you
    add me

  19. hello.....
    introduce me, i'm harry from ciamis...
    is my first time to visiting ur blog so good, i hope we can make a friends in here...and maybe someday i'll find something to learn in here. thanks

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