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Our professional emcee has an unbelievable golden voice and talent. He used to be a former newscaster, announcer and DJ with experiences in the field of entertainment and ceremonies and has hosted hundreds of events even professional boxing matches. I met him during the grand food tasting held at Gazebo Royale. There were lots of professional emcees to choose from but I chose him because he really has an awesome voice! No wonder all of the guests complemented him for his golden voice and humorous personality. He made the program alive and there were no dull moments! ^_^.

I highly recommend you our emcee Mr. Jun Dumlao!
TEL: 425-2967
TEL.FAX: 285-3644
CEL: 0919-4311239
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  2. genial Says:

    i'm the first!!!
    nice if we know that we have that kinda voice :) such a bless for him :thumbsuP:

  3. Golden moment with emcee who has golden voice :)

    Thanks for sharing this great story...

  4. hello, i have been added your blog at my blogroll as your wish, can u exchange it?

  5. Golden moment with emcee who has golden voice...

    Thanks for sharing this great article.

    Keep sharing my friend :)

  6. kumagcow Says:

    Thanks for the compliments on the photo, it was taken this weekend when I had a photo walk with friends. I'm tryin to be good at this new hobby, so I thank you for your kind words!

    Congrats on getting married btw! =)

  7. hill Says:

    nice article friend :)

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